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A Call to Local Businesses A View to "Bunny Park 2030"

EST - 1966

A Call to Local Businesses A View to "Bunny Park 2030"

EST - 1966

Enhancing The Bunny Park's Experience

Local businesses are the lifeblood of a thriving community, and now we have a unique opportunity to come together for a noble cause. Bunny Park is more than just a landmark; it represents the rich history and untapped potential of Rynfield, Benoni. With its remarkable legacy, The Bunny Park Web Site invites us all to contribute to shaping its future. Below, you will find a collection of ideas for how the business community can fully harness the potential of Bunny Park to serve our community in the way it was originally envisioned.


1. Embrace Our Heritage

Bunny Park has served as a cornerstone of our community for generations, with laughter and joy echoing through the grounds. As business leaders, let’s harness our pride in this historical and internationally recognized oasis. By nurturing this cherished space, we can honor our past while shaping a vibrant future.

2. A Collective Vision

As chronicled by the part-time photojournalist and Wits student, Peter Wood, in his captivating articles — “A crane that thinks it’s a dog”, which graced the pages of “The Star” on December 8th, 1966, and “Please Feed the Animals”, featured in the “Farmer’s Weekly” on March 13th, 1968—a park was conceived. According to Peter Wood, whose writings and interviews paint the scene, the Bunny Park was envisioned not as a traditional “children’s zoo” where the freedom of animals is restrained by bars, but as a sanctuary where urban children could mingle with domestic and farmyard critters.

3. The Unveiling of Potential Projects

We’ll soon roll out a new suite of ideas for projects (in addition to the ones below) ripe for sponsorship—opportunities that align with your business’s vision and passion. Whether it’s through volunteering, resource collaboration, or financial support, your contribution can set the stage for a rejuvenated landmark that serves everyone.

4. Advocating for Excellence

Together, we can engage with town councils and advocate for upgrades, higher standards, and the integration of commercial elements that respect the essence of Bunny Park. This isn’t about altering our treasure; it’s about optimizing it. By lobbying intelligently, we can unlock opportunities for local businesses, community members, and travelers alike.

5. Realizing the Park's Commercial Viability

The resources available at Bunny Park are vast, offering fertile ground for sustainable commercial ventures that benefit all. We stand at a crossroads where inaction is no longer an option. It’s time for these resources to be leveraged their fullest potential, creating a hotspot that beckons tourists, not just locally, but from all over South Africa and the world.

6. Join the Movement for Progress

We invite every business owner and leader to this movement of progress and prosperity. Together, we will craft initiatives that respect the integrity of the Bunny Park while weaving in new threads to enrich its tapestry. We are not just renovating a park; we are reviving a legacy, creating a beacon that shines brightly for our community and beyond.


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Benefits for Local Businesses:

Let’s explore avenues for how Local businesses can benefit.

Cultivating Skilled Labor:

By training apprentices, businesses create a pool of skilled labor familiar with their techniques and quality standards, reducing long-term training costs for future staffing.

Marketing and Brand Exposure:

Sponsorship and involvement in these initiatives give businesses significant marketing exposure, aligning their brand with community development, artisan skill, and local culture.

Product Development and Innovation:

Collaboration with craftsmen can lead to the development of new and unique products, diversifying a business’s offerings and potentially tapping into new markets.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR):

Investment in community projects enhances a company’s CSR profile, which can enhance reputation, consumer perception, and loyalty, particularly among socially conscious consumers.

Tax Incentives:

Businesses may qualify for tax benefits through contributions and investments in community and educational programs within Bunny Park.

Networking and Collaborative Opportunities:

Participation in programs within Bunny Park creates opportunities for networking with other businesses, local leaders, and organizations, fostering collaborative growth and shared initiatives.

Increased Property Values:

For businesses that are property owners in the vicinity of Bunny Park, involvement in the park’s enhancement can lead to increased property values and appeal in the area.

Community Leadership:

By leading in this initiative, businesses can position themselves as pillars of the community, earning respect and a leading voice in local commerce as well as future town planning.

Check out some ideas below:

Bunny Park Reflections Art & Story Contest

With a view to Dystopian 2066

Bunny Park Reflections Art & Story Contest

With a view to Dystopian 2066

Cultivating Growth: Transforming Bunny Park through Local Enterprise

Let’s explore avenues for revenue generation that not only promise to enliven Bunny Park but also to provide a blueprint for the harmonious fusion of nature, commerce, and community.

Artisanal Trades Spaces

Offers intensive, hands-on training in various artisanal trades from woodworking and metalworking to pottery and textile arts.

How Businesses Can Get Involved:

Facilitate Training Workshops and Spaces: 

Businesses with expertise in specific artisanal trades like blacksmithing, woodworking, or textiles can set up and facilitate training workshops at Bunny Park. They can also donate or sponsor the creation of permanent spaces dedicated to various crafts.

Mentorship and Apprenticeship Programs: 

Craftspeople and trade experts can mentor individuals interested in learning a trade. Establishing apprenticeship programs within these spaces can create a smooth transition to employment for participants.

Supply Tools and Raw Materials: 

Local hardware stores, craft supply shops, and raw material providers can contribute by supplying the necessary tools and materials required for each trade, ensuring quality training and production.

Curate Events and Craft Fairs: 

Organize events at Bunny Park to showcase the finished products of these trades. This can range from seasonal craft fairs to exhibitions, promoting both the park and the businesses involved.

Benefits for Businesses:

Skilled Employee Base: 

By training and shaping the next generation of artisans, businesses have first pick of the most skilled and trade-ready employees, fostering loyalty and potentially reducing recruitment costs.

Enhanced Brand Recognition: 

Through their involvement, businesses will be recognized as supportive pillars of the community, boosting their brand’s visibility and aligning them with cultural preservation and social responsibility.

Product Innovation and Collaboration: 

Partnerships with budding artisans can lead to unique collaborations, product innovations, and the revitalization of traditional methods that might differentiate a business’s offerings in the marketplace.

Networking Opportunities: 

Participation in the Artisanal Trades Guild allows businesses to network with other local businesses, craft enthusiasts, and potential customers, opening doors to new opportunities and collaborations.

Publicity Through Park Promotions: 

Businesses will benefit from shared marketing as Bunny Park promotes the artisanal workshops and events, attracting attention from visitors and media alike.

Investment in Local Economy: 

By directly investing in local talent and contributing to a community asset like Bunny Park, businesses can stimulate economic growth in the region, which can lead to a more prosperous business environment.

Tax Breaks and Incentives: 

Depending on local laws, businesses may be eligible for tax benefits for contributing to educational and community development projects.

Community Goodwill: 

Businesses that contribute positively to community projects often enjoy increased support and goodwill from local customers, strengthening their customer base.

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Culinary Herb and Vegetable Gardens

Develop plots to grow herbs and vegetables, sold to restaurants and at farmer's markets.

How Businesses Can Get Involved:

Adopt-a-Plot Initiative: 

Local restaurants, caterers, and food markets can adopt garden plots within Bunny Park to grow specific herbs or vegetables, lending a hand in garden maintenance or underwriting the costs involved in the upkeep of their plot.

Supply Chain Partnership: 

Businesses such as garden centers, farm supply stores, and compost companies can supply necessary products like seeds, soil, and gardening tools, possibly in exchange for a share of the harvest or promotional considerations.

Educational Workshops and Events: 

Healthy lifestyle coaches, chefs, and nutritionists can get involved by hosting cooking demonstrations, workshops on sustainable gardening, and other events that promote the benefits of using fresh, local produce.

Branding and Marketing Opportunities: 

Businesses can have their logos and promotional materials placed in strategic locations within the gardens, and receive mentions during park events, in newsletters, and on social media.

Benefits for Businesses:

Locally-Sourced Menu Ingredients: 

Restaurants and caterers involved with the gardens have easy access to fresh, locally-sourced herbs and vegetables, enriching their menu offerings and appealing to customers looking for local fare.

Increased Visibility in the Community: 

Businesses that participate will have increased exposure as community-focused and environmentally friendly establishments, enhancing their public image and customer perception.

Networking with Local Producers: 

Engaging with the Culinary Herb and Vegetable Gardens project facilitates networking with other local producers and businesses, creating a supportive community and potentially opening new supply avenues.

Brand Differentiation: 

Businesses that can market products and menus featuring ingredients grown in Bunny Park’s gardens set themselves apart from competitors by emphasizing sustainability and community support.

Educational Outreach: 

By providing workshops and educational sessions, businesses can position themselves as thought leaders in sustainable practices and healthy living, attracting health-conscious consumers.

Cross-Promotional Marketing: 

Through shared promotional efforts, businesses gain exposure through Bunny Park’s marketing channels, leading to increased brand awareness and customer traffic.

Tax Advantages: 

Participation in community initiatives like garden projects can offer tax deductions for charitable activities and community development expenses.

Employee Engagement: 

Businesses can offer employees opportunities to volunteer in the gardens, fostering team-building in a healthy outdoor setting and increasing employee satisfaction and loyalty.

Bunny Park Reflections Art & Story Contest

With a view to Dystopian 2066

Bunny Park Reflections Art & Story Contest

With a view to Dystopian 2066

Farm-to-Market Initiative

Offer community farmland for personal cultivation with products sold on-site.

How Businesses Can Get Involved:

Market Stall Sponsorship: 

Local grocers, artisan food shops, and organic markets can sponsor market stalls where community members and small-scale farmers can sell their Bunny Park-grown produce, offering a direct pipeline to consumers.

Packaging and Branding Services: 

Businesses specializing in packaging design and branding can offer their services to create appealing and eco-friendly packaging for products sold at the market, benefiting from the exposure to shoppers.

Business Incubator Program: 

Establish or support a business incubator program aimed at providing new entrepreneurs with resources and mentoring on how to start and sustain their own food-related business based on Bunny Park produce.

Event Hosting and Patronage: 

Companies can sponsor special market days or seasonal events that highlight local produce, turning the market into an event destination and fostering community involvement.

Benefits for Businesses:

Access to Fresh, Local Produce: 

Grocers and food-related businesses can source directly from Bunny Park growers, ensuring a steady supply of fresh, seasonal produce that will attract consumers looking for quality local food.

Enhanced Community Role: 

Businesses that are visibly involved with the Farm-to-Market initiative often enhance their standing in the community as champions of local enterprise and sustainable living.

Greater Customer Engagement: 

Hosting and sponsoring market days provide businesses with opportunities to engage with customers face to face, building relationships and fostering loyalty.

Marketing and Promotion: 

Businesses that contribute to the initiative gain promotional opportunities through signage at the market, mentions in related advertising, and highlights in Bunny Park communications.

Strengthening Local Economy: 

By supporting local farmers and food producers, businesses help sustain the local economy, keeping more money in the community and building a network of local supply chains.

Potential Partnerships and Collaborations: 

The Farm-to-Market initiative opens avenues for partnerships with market vendors, potentially leading to exclusive or branded product lines sourced from Bunny Park.

Educational Benefits: 

Businesses can benefit from associating with educational components of the initiative, including workshops on agriculture, food security, and nutrition, by presenting themselves as knowledgeable participants in these areas.

Product Development Opportunities: 

Participation provides unique opportunities for product innovation, as businesses can use fresh produce from Bunny Park to develop new recipes, food products, and seasonal promotions.

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Bella "Belle" the Cow

Eco-Conscious Macadamia Farming

Cultivate macadamia trees for production and sale, emphasizing eco-friendly methods.

How Businesses Can Get Involved:

Agricultural Investment: 

Businesses can invest in the plantation and cultivation of macadamia trees within Bunny Park, contributing to the development and maintenance of an eco-conscious macadamia orchard.

Supply of Eco-Friendly Farming Products: 

Suppliers of organic fertilizers, pest management products, and eco-friendly irrigation systems can partner with the park, ensuring the macadamia orchard is sustainably managed.

Processing and Distribution Partnerships: 

Food processing companies and distributors can enter into agreements to purchase, process, and distribute Bunny Park macadamias, ensuring a market for the harvested nuts.

Educational and Research Collaborations: 

Academic institutions and research organizations focused on sustainable agriculture can use the macadamia orchard for educational purposes and to further research into eco-friendly farming practices.

Benefits for Businesses:

Sustainable Brand Image: 

By investing in eco-conscious practices, businesses can strengthen their brand image as champions of sustainability and environmental stewardship, attracting a growing demographic of eco-aware consumers.

Market Demand Fulfillment: 

Macadamia nuts are in high demand; businesses can capitalize on this demand by securing a local supply source, which may offer a competitive advantage and potential for premium pricing.

Long-Term Financial Returns: 

Macadamias are a high-value crop with long-term yield potential; businesses investing in macadamia farming can expect financial returns that grow over time as the orchard matures.

Product Diversification: 

Companies can potentially expand their product lines to include macadamia-based products, such as oils, butters, and snacks, diversifying their offerings and tapping into new markets.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Impact: 

Investment in sustainable farming initiatives can be a powerful component of a business’s CSR program, showcasing a commitment to responsible, long-term ecological and community investment.

Networking and Visibility: 

Businesses involved with the macadamia orchard will have visibility within and beyond the local community, creating opportunities for networking and brand exposure in eco-agriculture and sustainability circles.

Educational Program Sponsorships: 

Supporting or creating educational programs related to sustainable macadamia farming can position a business as an educational leader and create brand loyalty among families and students.

Tax Incentives and Grants: 

There may be opportunities for tax incentives or grants available for businesses that invest in sustainable agricultural developments, reducing the initial financial burden.

Bunny Park Reflections Art & Story Contest

With a view to Dystopian 2066

Bunny Park Reflections Art & Story Contest

With a view to Dystopian 2066

Park Adoption Program at Bunny Park with Annual Auction

Enable businesses to sponsor and maintain portions of the park.

Businesses Involved:

Annual Adoption Auction: 

Introduce an annual auction where businesses can bid on the opportunity to adopt a section of Bunny Park. These could include gardens, playgrounds, animal habitats, or specific features like fountains or signage.

Year-Round Corporate Stewardship: 

Beyond the auction, companies can commit to a year-round stewardship role, maintaining and improving their adopted park area, organizing employee volunteer days, or sponsoring necessary enhancements.

Contributions in Services and Goods: 

Businesses specializing in services like landscaping, construction, or printing can offer their expertise to improve and maintain the park, often in exchange for promotional consideration.

VIP Event Sponsorship: 

Sponsor VIP events linked to the auction, such as galas or special tours of the park, showcasing the impact of the funds raised and the contributions businesses have made throughout the year.

Benefits for Businesses:

Visible Public Acknowledgment: 

Winning a bid in the annual auction ensures a company’s named sponsorship in a high-traffic public space, offering continuous brand exposure to park visitors and through the park’s promotional channels.

Strengthening Community Engagement: 

The auction event itself, along with the subsequent stewardship role, positions businesses as key players in community development, fostering strong local ties and goodwill.

Encouraging Employee Participation: 

Involving employees in maintaining and enhancing their adopted park area can boost team cohesion and morale while showcasing the company’s dedication to environmental and community concerns.

Creating Business-to-Business Collaborations: 

Participation in the auction and adoption program opens avenues for networking with other forward-thinking businesses, encouraging collaborations and shared community initiatives.

Tax Benefits: 

Aligning financial contributions with the auction and maintenance activities may afford businesses tax advantages, offering financial incentives to invest in public spaces.

Reputation as a Community Benefactor: 

Regular contributions to the park’s upkeep and improvement demonstrate a company’s long-term commitment to the locality, aligning the brand with positive community impact and stewardship.

Exclusive Marketing Content: 

The story of the company’s involvement with Bunny Park, from the excitement of the auction to the tangible improvements made, provides engaging content that can be used across marketing campaigns.

Attracting Talent: 

Organizations known for their active community engagement and environmental responsibility are often more attractive to job seekers who value these qualities in an employer.

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Cyclops “Cy” the Emu

Recreational and Educational Courses

Utilize park space for hosting various classes, from fitness to nature photography.

How Businesses Can Get Involved:

Course Sponsorship: 

Businesses can sponsor recreational and educational courses at Bunny Park, such as yoga retreats, art classes, wildlife education, or photography workshops.

Annual Course Auction: 

Hold an annual auction where businesses can bid for the exclusive rights to host a particular course or workshop series. Proceeds go toward the development and maintenance of course venues within the park.

Provision of Equipment and Supplies: 

Outfitters, art supply stores, and fitness centers can provide the necessary equipment and materials for various courses, gaining exposure among course participants.

Hosting Corporate Workshops: 

Companies can utilize the park’s unique setting for their team-building activities or workshops, tailoring courses to align with their corporate values and team dynamics.

Benefits for Businesses

Brand Visibility: 

Sponsoring courses, especially winning a bid at the annual auction, gives a business high-profile exposure, associating its brand with positive, healthful, and educational experiences.

Community Leadership: 

By actively shaping the educational offerings at Bunny Park, businesses demonstrate leadership in community development and an investment in public well-being.

Marketing and CSR Content: 

Engagement with recreational and educational initiatives provides rich content for marketing, CSR reports, and internal communications, showcasing tangible benefits of the company’s involvement.

Employee Engagement: 

Offering employees opportunities to participate or facilitate courses enhances job satisfaction, promotes a healthy work-life balance, and underscores a company’s commitment to employee development.

Tax Advantages: 

Contributions toward educational and recreational public programs may qualify businesses for tax deductions, offering financial incentives.

Networking with Experts and Professionals: 

Interaction with instructors, educators, and fitness professionals during course planning and delivery can spark collaborative projects and extend a business’s network.

Customer Loyalty and New Audiences: 

Participation in a well-loved community space like Bunny Park broadens a company’s audience base and can boost customer loyalty through associated positive experiences.

Enhanced Property Value: 

For local businesses, investing in Bunny Park as an attractive community resource can indirectly raise the local area’s appeal and property values.

Bunny Park Reflections Art & Story Contest

With a view to Dystopian 2066

Bunny Park Reflections Art & Story Contest

With a view to Dystopian 2066

Property Utilization for Commercial Accommodation

Encourage property owners to provide accommodations for visitors.

How Businesses Can Get Involved:

Local Property Owner Involvement: 

Encourage property owners surrounding Bunny Park to actively engage in park beautification and improvement projects, fostering a sense of community ownership and pride.

Strategic Enhancements: 

Collaborate on projects that not only uplift the park but also visually enhance the surrounding areas, such as planting gardens, improving walkways, and installing art installations that could increase local curb appeal.

Benefits for Property Owners:

Increased Property Values: 

By contributing to the park’s enhancement, property owners can significantly increase the attractiveness and hence the value of their own properties as the park becomes a more desirable landmark.

Community Well-being and Pride: 

A direct involvement in the betterment of a communal space like Bunny Park leads to enriched community well-being and a sense of local pride among property owners and residents.

Opportunities for Ancillary Revenue: 

Improved park facilities can attract more visitors, presenting property owners with the opportunity to offer ancillary services such as parking, accommodations, or refreshments.

Enhanced Neighborhood Reputation: 

Being part of the park’s upliftment initiatives helps in crafting a positive image of the neighborhood, making it a sought-after location for future buyers and renters.

Potential for Public-Private Partnerships: 

Active participation in communal projects opens the door for property owners to enter beneficial public-private partnerships, potentially leading to more significant projects and funding opportunities.

Networking with Local Businesses: 

Property owners can forge strong relationships with local businesses involved in the park’s sustenance, leading to a network of support and shared interest in the community’s growth.

By supporting the projects aimed at elevating Bunny Park, surrounding property owners not only contribute to a worthwhile cause but also invest in their property’s future, ensuring that the neighborhood thrives as a vibrant hub for visitors and residents alike. The upliftment of the park symbiotically enhances the surrounding properties, creating a prosperous and appealing environment for all.

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Eldridge "The Elder" Goat

Veterinary and Animal Care Workshops

Offer workshops for community members to learn about animal husbandry and welfare.

How Businesses Can Get Involved:

Local Veterinarians Lead the Way: 

Veterinary practices in the vicinity are called upon to provide their professional expertise, guiding workshops that cover essential aspects of animal health and welfare.

Support from Pet Supply Stores: 

Neighboring pet supply stores can contribute by offering discounts and special offers to participants, encouraging them to utilize proper care products and nutrition for their animals.

Educational Partnerships: 

Forge collaborations with local educational institutions to integrate these valuable workshops into their curriculum or extracurricular programs, enhancing their animal care offerings.

Service Level Agreement: 

The Park could offer a space for a newly qualified Veterinarian an opportunity to make use of a space to build and develope their private practice, with a Service Level Agreement in place that see that the Park animals are assisted with these services when required.

Benefits for Community Members and Property Owners:

Education in Animal Welfare: 

Community members gain invaluable knowledge in animal care, fostering a nurturing environment for both personal and park-dwelling animals.

Enhanced Community Engagement: 

Active participation in veterinary workshops can lead to heightened community engagement, with property owners playing a vital role in promoting animal welfare and public health.

Property Value Appreciation: 

Property owners can benefit from the enhanced perception of the neighborhood as an educated and animal-friendly community, potentially leading to increased property values.

Promotion of Local Businesses:

The workshops provide a platform for local vet practices and pet supply stores to promote their services and products, directly contributing to the local economy.

Benefits for Veterinarians Involved in Animal Care Workshops at Bunny Park:

Establish Credibility and Trust: 

By providing professional insights into animal health, veterinarians build credibility with the community and establish themselves as trusted authorities in animal welfare.

Community Outreach and Education: 

Veterinarians can expand their reach beyond the clinic, educating a broader audience and raising public awareness about the importance of proper animal husbandry and care techniques.

Marketing and Brand Exposure: 

Participation in workshops offers vets valuable marketing opportunities, promoting their practice to potential clients and positioning their brand as community-oriented and educationally proactive.

Networking with Peers and Potential Partners: 

These events can be an excellent platform for vets to network with colleagues, pet supply businesses, and educational institutions, opening doors to future collaborations.

Enhanced Client Loyalty: 

By actively contributing to the community, veterinarians can strengthen relationships with existing clients, fostering loyalty and potentially increasing client retention rates.

Professional Development Opportunities: 

Leading workshops allows veterinarians and their staff to hone their public speaking and educational skills, contributing to their professional development.

Contribution to Public Health: 

Educating the public on animal care can have a positive impact on public health, as it promotes responsible pet ownership and the prevention of zoonotic diseases.

Strengthen Community Relations: 

Involvement in community workshops demonstrates a commitment to community service, helping vets to establish and strengthen their presence within the neighborhood.

Generate New Revenue Streams: 

As veterinarians gain visibility and forge new connections, they may discover new revenue streams such as offering tailored services, workshops, or wellness programs for the community.

By engaging in Animal Care Workshops at Bunny Park, veterinarians can enjoy a range of benefits—from enhancing their reputation and deepening community ties to opening up new avenues for business and professional growth.

Bunny Park Reflections Art & Story Contest

With a view to Dystopian 2066

Bunny Park Reflections Art & Story Contest

With a view to Dystopian 2066

Conscious Corporate Retreats

Organize corporate events at the park with a focus on team-building and nature connection.

How Businesses Can Get Involved:

Infrastructural Sponsorships: 

Local businesses can sponsor the development of park facilities suitable for corporate events, such as pavilions, outdoor meeting spaces, and tech-friendly environments conducive to team-building and professional development.

Accommodation Strategy Leaders: 

A local property owner with insight into the potential opportunities could spearhead an investment strategy to transform their property into an elegant retreat center, complete with meeting rooms and lodging options for corporate attendees.

Benefits of Investment:

Increased Property Utilization: 

The sponsoring property owner could see their property gain significant utility as a multi-purpose retreat center, potentially becoming the go-to locale for corporate gatherings in the area.

Accelerated Value Growth: 

As the park’s facilities improve and the number of corporate retreats rises, the surrounding properties are likely to experience a corresponding growth in value due to the increased demand.

Community Economic Upliftment: 

Investments in retreat infrastructure can stimulate the local economy by creating jobs and encouraging further development within the park and the surrounding area.

Enhanced Networking Opportunities: 

By providing a space for corporate retreats, property owners and local businesses can network with a variety of professionals from diverse industries, potentially leading to lucrative partnerships.

Boost in Local Services and Commerce: 

The influx of corporate visitors could lead to a greater demand for local services, including catering, maintenance, entertainment, and tourism-related activities.

Visibility as Environmental Stewards: 

Through the facilitation of corporate retreats in a nature-focused setting like Bunny Park, businesses and property owners showcase their dedication to environmental stewardship.

Long-term Economic Benefits: 

Infrastructure investments are not just a short-term improvement but can provide lasting economic benefits and serve as a legacy project within the community.

By playing a pivotal role in the Corporate Retreat Investment Initiative at Bunny Park, local businesses, alongside proactive property owners, can cultivate an environment that not only serves the needs of corporate organizations but also promises growth and prosperity for the local community. This strategic collaboration offers a win-win scenario—boosting property value and business opportunities, while providing corporate attendees with an immersive retreat experience in a setting that celebrates nature and encourages mindful engagement.

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Special Evening Park Runs and Events

Host unique nighttime events, promoting safety and community.

Businesses Involved:

Security Service Providers: 

Engage with security companies to offer their services during events, ensuring a safe, secure environment that allows attendees to focus on enjoyment and community engagement.

Event Planning Experts: 

Partner with local event planners who have the expertise in conceptualizing and managing community events, from park runs to themed evening gatherings.

Atmosphere Enhancers: 

Collaborate with audio-visual and lighting companies to transform the park into a magical nighttime venue, enhancing the overall atmosphere and guest experience.

Benefits of Hosting Special Evening Events:

Heightened Property Interest: 

Property owners can benefit from the increased foot traffic and interest in the surrounding area during these events, which can raise property visibility and perceived value.

Boost to Local Economy: 

Events tend to draw visitors who may spend money on local services and amenities, providing a boost to the local economy and supporting small businesses.

Safe Community Spaces:

By ensuring high-security standards, these events can serve as a model for safe community spaces, encouraging more frequent public use and positive activity in the park during evening hours.

Cultural and Social Development: 

Special evening events provide a cultural touchstone for the community, fostering social ties and creating shared experiences that contribute to community development and cohesiveness.

Showcase for Local Talent: 

These events can offer a platform for local talent, including musicians, performers, and artists, to showcase their work, helping to grow the cultural richness of the area.

Innovative Marketing Opportunities: 

Businesses involved in special evening events can utilize these occasions as innovative marketing opportunities, demonstrating their services in action and building brand awareness.

Community Pride and Inclusivity: 

Adopting a regular schedule of evening events can significantly enhance community pride and promote inclusivity as diverse groups come together to enjoy the park.

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"Woolworths" The Sheep

Archibald the Tortoise

Eldridge "The Elder" Goat

Thumper “Thumps”

Cyclops “Cy” the Emu

Bella "Belle" the Cow

Bunny Park Reflections Art & Story Contest

With a view to Dystopian 2066

Bunny Park Reflections Art & Story Contest

With a view to Dystopian 2066


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